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Thanks for the piece, it can’t be said enough: gay freedom is the right to live free from harassment, imprisonment, or death for associating with people you wish to in ways you mutually enjoy; the freedom to enjoy all rights and privileges that all free people have.

It has nothing to do with anything else, not removing the rights and privileges of others, not imposing authoritarian limitations on speech, not redefining biology, sex, or grammar.

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I, a male lived as a woman for over forty years. During that time I thought myself very passable.

I was working for a company in Dubai (yes, as a woman) and was sent to Tehran to help close a deal there.

About two weeks into my stay, a man rushed into our office and ushered us out into the street.

A group of people , about fifty in number all stood at the building next door that was under construction.

I assumed it was some ceremony to celebrate the new building being completed.

But instead, it was to watch a gay man being thrown off the roof of that building.

Once his body hit the pavement with a loud splat, some in the crowd started throwing pieces of concrete at him.

You know, to show him their displeasure with his gayness.

I spent the remaining three days of my stay there, sleepless and fearing I was next.

And it wasn't just the Persians that hate queers. It was the Pakistanis, the Lebanese and every Saudi I ever met.

Because unlike Christianity, who now believe their Bible is a series of short stories written by unknown people, the Muslims ,mostly all believe their Quran is actually the word of God. This not so subtitle difference is why they will throw queers off roofs, and Christians turn the other cheek.

So kids, if you want to Cosplay global Islamic domination, go ahead.

The reality of Middle East politics and religion is much much different than just putting on a cheap scarf and chanting kill the jews.

But this kind of alliance to one side of this Cosplay game you have joined will get you killed.

Rene Jax

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