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Beautifully written, 100% accurate, thank you!

One additional:

11. By example.

Have you read the forums for parents with trans kids? Whole lotta narcos there. And I'm talking about the ones for the parents who are resisting the trans mafia as well.

It makes me want to ask Blanchard what he thinks about it, since some of those parents seem like perfect prototypical AGP-moms, but I have to read more of his stuff first so's not to ask a stupid question.

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Parents of distressed or sick kids are known to be insufferable and obsessive and generally difficult to get along with. It’s a known phenomena in peds actually that parents need handling. Think of it from their perspective — their most precious thing in life is slipping away, even if they agree with a trans identity, they have experienced a rupture. I think this drives the acting out behaviour you’re referring to as narcissistic. Sometimes it is narcissistic, and often it’s simply misplaced grief + desperation + despair.

Many years ago when my late husband + I faced having to give up our profoundly disabled youngest son to receive the care he needed we had to do so because we could not get support to have him at home. I’m sure I was labelled as the parent version of Devil Wears Prada by the professionals and no one noticed I could be hurting and want to die myself. No one saw my pain. Maybe these parents are like I was.

Incidentally my husband did not survive the terrible loss and the cascade of life that it brought, he took his own life in 2016.

Suffering parents are insufferable because they have unbearable pain that they carry alone.

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