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Pearls of Wisdom


Summary :: A series of shorts strung together — they revolve around the importance of good deeds and character in the afterlife, and the need to focus on building these qualities in the present. Lee talks about the concept of creating healing from nothing is discussed, providing hope in difficult times. He touches on the idea of making a difference in the world, even in small ways, he emphasizes that G-d does not discriminate based on race, nationality, or religion, and that He condemns cruelty and violence.

Keywords :: afterlife, good deeds, character, healing, hope, making a difference, G-d's love, cruelty, violence


  • Focus on building good deeds and character for the afterlife.

  • Believe in the possibility of creating healing from nothing.

  • Even small actions can make a difference in the world.

  • God loves all of mankind and condemns cruelty and violence.

AI-Generated Titles

  • Creating Healing from Nothing

  • Making a Difference in the World

Sound Bites

  • "The only thing you're going to be wearing is the garment that you make of your good deeds and of your character."

  • "He is the one who can create healing from nothing."

  • "Our job is to do the very best we can."


00:00 The Importance of Good Deeds and Character

02:20 Creating Healing from Nothing

05:09 Making a Difference in the World

06:06 G-d's Love and Condemnation of Cruelty

07:23 Peace is a Human Need

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Your Character and Your Deeds is the Garment You Make for the Next Life

In the world to come, the day of judgment, a curly haze. What will you have with you? Well, you won't have your membership cards, whatever group you belong to. You won't have your title. You won't have your degrees. You won't have your retirement accounts. You won't have anything that you've collected in this world except

your good deeds and your character. You won't be wearing your coochie shoes. You won't be wearing your Balenziaga. You won't be tearing your Louis Vuitton bag. The only thing you're going to be wearing is the garment that you make of your good deeds and of your character. So the time to make bad garments, the time to make the only thing that you're going to bring with you into the next world is right now.

Right now, today, this is it. What you have is today's. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a fantasy, is a dream that may or may not happen. But what you have is today. And so, start building what it is that you're gonna take with you, your character and your good deeds. The love that you have for other people or things that you do for others, that's what you take.

Something Out of Nothing

Sometimes I get to sit all by myself here in the synagogue. And today I opened up a prayer book and I saw a phrase and it called God, Borei Refo 'ot, the one who creates healing.

And the word bore means to create, not just to create, to make something, but to create something out of nothing. I thought to myself sometimes, you know, the world looks so hopeless, you know, and the disease in the world just seems so hopeless, people at each other's throats, and...

And as I said before, you know, I've lived through so many wars and genocides and it just never stops. But then I read those words, for a vote, that he is the one who can create healing from nothing. That's the thing. But it doesn't mean just to make something, it means to make something from nothing. And that while I don't see anything on the horizon, I don't see if

I close my eyes, I don't see any hope on the horizon. I really don't. But he can make it out of nothing.

Thoughts on Righteous Hatred

So often on my videos, I get the same comment over and over.

Tell it to the IDF. Tell it to Hamas. Tell it to Netanyahu. Tell it to the Bulgarians. Tell it to the Armenians. Tell it to the Turks. Tell it to anybody but me because me? I don't need to hear it. If I say something worthwhile, it applies to everybody.

I'm not just saying it to you, I'm also saying it to me. I don't say these things only because I want to say them to you, but I also want to say them to me.

When it comes to fighting against, we need to be extremely clear. There is such a thing as a kind of righteous hatred. There is a passion that we should have for encouraging the good and for fighting evil, but we require an incredible amount of spiritual work and clarity to be able to know when we are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

When you look at the news, when you look at the world around you, it's easy to want to give up. It's easy to think, I can never, ever fix this. It's impossible. It's just too much. There's just too much. And in that overwhelm, it's easy to get frozen.

Well, our job is not to finish the job. Our job is to do the very best we can.

We just have a small little tiny piece of the world. Sometimes a very tiny piece of the world. Sometimes it's only our house. Sometimes only our family. Sometimes it's our classroom or sometimes it's our business or sometimes it's just ourselves.

But in that little tiny realm, whatever the little tiny realm we have, we have to believe, we have to believe that we can make some kind of a difference. That we can bring a little bit more justice, a little bit more kindness, a little bit more peace into the world. And while we can't fix everything, because we just don't have the power to fix everything, at least we can fix what little tiny bit that we can fix. So don't give up. The Only spiritual failure is giving up.

My G-d is Not a Racist

My God is not a racist. My God is not a nationalist. My God is not a Zionist. My God is not an Arabist. My God is not an Islamist. My God created all of mankind from one couple so that nobody could ever say, my parents are better than your parents. He created us all as one family and he considers each and every single one of us to be precious. My God does not love bullies.

My God does not love the killing of innocents. My God does not judge us because of what family we come from, what language we speak. God judges us by our character, by what we do, by how we behave with other people, whether we're gentle and kind. He does not want cruelty. He does not want cruelty in his world, and he certainly does want us to be cruel to one another.

Anybody who claims that they have God's imprimatur, that they have God's stamp of approval, or wanton violence and cruelty and destroying of people's homes and livelihoods, those people are lying.

Peaceful Coexistence is a Human Need

I am not now and I'm never gonna be afraid or embarrassed to talk about.

There's a beautiful Muslim teaching that when Adam was created, the angels taught him the greeting, As-salamu-alaykum, peace be upon you. And we have a beautiful Jewish teaching, ancient teaching, that God could find no vessel to hold his blessings but peace. If we don't have peace, we're walking around the world with a hole in our bucket or unable to enjoy anything. Without peace, we can't enjoy our children, we can't enjoy our health, we can't enjoy our money, we can't enjoy—

There is nothing that we should be wishing more than peace. That's why we greet each other. As-salamu-alaykum. Shalom alaykum. Peace be upon you. And this is not a joke. This is a basic human need.

And before anybody says this, why don't you tell this to the Zionists? Why don't you tell this to Hamas? Why don't you tell this to Putin? Why don't you tell this—? I'm telling everybody. I'm telling all of you, including you, yeah, you right there, that we need peace. This is a human need. Otherwise, we waste all the gifts that God gives us. Imagine that. The Creator of the world pouring down these unbelievable gifts on us, gives us beautiful families and children, and gives us an earth that can produce whatever it is that we need, and we … we waste this. We waste it.

I'm not gonna stop talking about peace. Not now, not ever. Peace is the only thing that can hold the blessings that our creator wants us to have.


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