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"Muslims use victimhood as a shield to block any and all responsibility for their own situation"

Thanks for some insights into the Muslim world. Reminds me of a New Atlantis article of some 12 years ago:

"Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science

On the lost Golden Age and the rejection of reason"


Of particular note is the closing passage on "a political tradition of belligerent self-pity” that characterizes the "Arab World" and, apparently, much of Islam:

NA: "There is a final reason why it makes little sense to exhort Muslims to their own past: while there are many things that the Islamic world lacks, pride in heritage is not one of them. What is needed in Islam is less self-pride and more self-criticism. Today, self-criticism in Islam is valued only insofar as it is made as an appeal to be more pious and less spiritually corrupt. And yet most criticism in the Muslim world is directed outward, at the West. This prejudice — what Fouad Ajami has called (referring to the Arab world) 'a political tradition of belligerent self-pity' — is undoubtedly one of Islam’s biggest obstacles. It makes information that contradicts orthodox belief irrelevant, and it closes off debate about the nature and history of Islam."

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