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I'm also pretty tired of the progressive+ stuff and that teacher's outburst is appalling, but it does raise an interesting question, when you have schools with people from all over and every religion. People following religion A may well find certain aspects of religion B distasteful, wrong, etc, and vice versa - so do they opt out of any event or book or whatever has to do with that religion? (It probably applies to more than religion, but that's the most obvious example).

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That was a very bigoted, bullying, power – tripping, intolerant, inappropriate and unprofessional tirade.

A teacher has no professional or moral right to tell those students what they should do. Canadians have freedom of religion and freedom of association and freedom of speech. That was a ham handed, over the top attempt at struggle – session style indoctrination.

It was full of false equivalencies and false and inaccurate information. The school puts up decorations and decides to make a space for prayer on a particular day in no way obligates any student to participate, nor does it obligate any participating student to participate in some other activity.

No Muslim student could or should feel safe in a classroom with that teacher again. No student with views different than hers could feel safe. She is utterly unfit for any classroom.

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