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Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Toxic Activism

Toxic Activism

that time in October 2021 when Margaret Atwood tweeted a wrong-speak

I’m sitting here, unsure what to write, finding it wildly deranged that the gender extremists continue their reign of terror, seemingly unchecked. Trans woman Jessica Triff recently wrote an opinion piece for the CBC in which s/he called out the toxic activism going down in the gender wars. Margaret Atwood simply tweeted the piece, that’s it. She made a flipping tweet. Within 36 hours, hundreds of verbally abusive responses, rape threats, and even death threats appeared on Twitter, and her home address was published with the incitation to go to her home and harass her, an 81-year old widow. Jordan Peterson’s address was also published with a similar incitation—both doxxes by someone calling himself Postmodern Cowboy.

Nah, this isn’t toxic and abusive at all. Oh no, this is activism, it’s justified for the gender brigade to terrorise and harass individuals who express or boost any opinions or publish content of any kind which upsets them or challenges their massively delusional and deranged narrative and vision. Anything that invalidates their fragile identities, anything that upsets their massive egos, has now become transphobic. It’s wild how that rule overrides all else. Remember how everyone lost their collective sh1t over the murder of George Floyd? Remember the widespread protests, the burning and looting, the terror, and the toppling of statues? It was the only thing that mattered, covid-19 restrictions be damned.

Now, all that’s forgotten, as Dave Chappelle tries to promote his documentary about touring against the backdrop of the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. A black man who said what he said about gender apparently is trash because he used his white privilege to promote hatred. Seriously, did the NPR lunatics who decided this utter rubbish bother to watch The Closer to the very end, where Chappelle talks about Daphne Dornan, his Trans woman friend whom the trans extremists drove to suicide simply for expressing support for Dave’s comedy? And, how on earth does a black man in America have white privilege, anyway???

Conduct a wee experiment for yourself. Go and watch The Closer from beginning to end—it’s now on Netflix. Then go to Twitter and just take a few moments to review the outraged reaction to The Closer. You’ll find that a vast majority of those calling it transphobic and hate speech have either not watched it at all, or have not watched it in its entirety.

And then we have Saeed Jones—who admits he didn’t watch show to the end—playing victim and even having the gall to mention his trans woman friend, apparently having zero clues that if he would have bothered to watch to the end, he would have seen the bit about trans woman Daphne Dornan. Also, how is it even professionally ethical to write a critic piece on a show you never watched in its entirety? What kind of shoddy half-assed work is this?? We step into the realm of propaganda when we write hit pieces reflecting our low emotional intelligence and not the content of the work we are reviewing itself. This is when journalism becomes toxic activism. You owe your readers better than that, even if you don’t believe you owe it to yourself to conduct your writing/review work ethically. It’s really disingenuous to even write a critic review piece on a show you didn’t watch. You didn’t watch it if you didn’t see it to the very end.

So, let’s return to Jessica Triff. The story of Jessica Triff didn’t end with her very brave and quite nuanced opinion piece. First of all, trans activists tried to deny the existence of trans woman Jessica Triff. The irony amuses me—those who continuously and loudly complain that anyone who disagrees with or refuses to validate them is denying their existence have decided a trans woman who called them out for their toxic and abusive behaviour doesn’t exist. Then, yesterday Jessica shared screenshots of an email conversation s/he had with a chap named Jim from the CBC, who asked her to approve the changes to her already-published opinion piece, demanded by a handful of trans activist CBC staff members. Among the demands, acknowledging in the piece that violence against trans folks is disproportionately higher than violence against cisgender people, an assertion not backed by data on hate crimes, which show the highest rates and largest increases for visible minorities, in particular Muslims, Asians, and Indigenous people. Also, ahem, a Muslim cisgender family was killed just a few months ago in an act of terror. A quick glance at the anti-Muslim hate crime tracking from 2013 to 2019 shows a steady rise in hatred against Muslims, most of whom will qualify as cisgender.

So, CBC has a group of extremists dictating to the editorial staff and an opinion piece writer and pressuring said editor and writer to make erroneous and dogmatic claims by editing an already published piece after the fact. This seems wildly outrageous and totally unethical to me, that a media outlet would allow a group of extremist staff members to dictate what gets published. This behaviour also seems like a violation of the CBC’s own practise standards. The Journalistic Standards and Practises of the CBC states that “The final editorial decision rests with the managers responsible for programs and online content” and that “…we strive to avoid actions that create an impression of partisanship or of advocacy for a cause.”

Well, really CBC? Cuz that’s not the impression female people and the rest of Canadians are getting from you. CBC, you have essentially become the trans propaganda HQ. Members of Cawsbar as well as other feminists trying to gain access to your Opinion platform to express the alternative perspective to gender extremism have received a wall of silence—CBC you seem really dedicated to portraying only one side of the issue here. You published that awful piece trashing (defaming, if we are really honest about it) Cawsbar feminists and calling for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be weaponised against any woman fighting for sex based rights. You have so far made no effort to expand the conversation to other interested parties—namely female people. You haven’t even thought of Muslims and other groups of Canadians who reject the entire premise and ideology of gender identity and self identification because it conflicts with their own personal belief system. It also seems dodgy, CBC that you make a practise of quietly changing opinion pieces after the fact.

Not to mention that the CBC is so busy sucking gender extremism dick it has completely lost touch with actual material reality. Wouldn’t Margaret Atwood being threatened with rape and death and her address being published on Twitter with an incitation to harass/mob her at her home be newsworthy CBC? I would think Canadians who avoid the Twitter Hellscape would be very interested to see how their octogenarian CanLit grand dame is being treated by those claiming to fight for tolerance and inclusivity.

So congratulations to the trans tyrants and gender terrorists for proving Jessica Triff’s point. Congratulations for showing Margaret Atwood how you only come to the table in bad faith, with Glocks and automatic rifles, and the intent to harm all who refuse to obey you. Seriously, this is why female people do not want you anywhere near us, in our public toilets or change rooms or anywhere. The reason why women say no is because deranged toxicity such as that picture “Mean Scary Frög” tweeted to Margaret, with the caption get a clue bitch, of a person with a balaclava mask standing in front of the trans flag and holding an automatic rifle, pointed at the camera. You time and time again show us who you are. It is entirely on you and your reaction to disagreement, intellectual challenge, and refusal to provide you with the external validation you demand. You are tyrannical and narcissistic. You are the epitome of The Dark Triad.


This is not just toxic in-your-face activism anymore—we’ve gone well beyond that now. It’s now arguably moved into the realm of terrorism. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, terrorism is an act committed for a political, religious, or ideological cause with the intention of intimidating the public or a segment of the public with regard to its physical or economic security, or compelling a government or person to do or refrain from doing an act, and which endangers the person’s life. Publishing anyone’s home address when that person has received public death threats and then inciting people to go to that physical location and intimidate and harass seems very terrorist-like to me. Breaking news—whypipo can also be terrorists. IKR, brown people and Arabs don’t have a genetic predisposition to commit terror, that’s a wildly radical assertion to many out there, I realise. Oh, but inclusivity and tolerance though, right??

I really wonder when Canadians will wake up. I think it’s happening slowly, in the wake of the recent W5 story on gender medicine and also the weird and intense reaction to Chris Elston’s recent quiet protest outside an Ottawa school. It’s unfortunate about the CBC, I really can’t see how it will recover from it’s grave ethical missteps. It’s now become a disgraceful joke of a propaganda outfit—the woke version of Fox News. I know I am not the only Canadian who feels angry and betrayed and disappointed at the devolvement of the CBC into some unrecognisable propaganda outfit no one can take seriously any longer.

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Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Adventures of Bad Hijabi
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