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"It should be emphasized that the effects of blockers are both temporary and reversible. — Dr. David Gorski, MD, PhD + Dr. AJ Ekert, MD, in Science-Based Medicine, 25.5.2022"

"Science-Based Medicine" seems seriously misnamed. You probably remember their publication and retraction of a review of Shrier's book some 2 years ago:


But you may not have seen Emma Hilton's "pithy" response:

EH: "Advocating the prioritization of social justice over scientific investigation."


Though you may not have realized that the author of that review, Harriet Hall, was no great shakes on biology herself, even if this was some 10 years ago. But it is still largely "conventional wisdom" there at SBM:

HH: "Sex is a spectrum on several axes

Science has not been able to categorically distinguish a male from a female. There’s no one simple test to determine whether an individual is a woman or a man. It’s not an either/or dichotomy, but a multidimensional spectrum on several axes, from the biological to the social to the psychological. And science has not conclusively shown which characteristics are biologically determined. Nature and nurture interact and influence each other; it’s difficult to tease out the contributions of each. Each axis has its own continuum, with degrees of strength. A person can fall at the male end of the spectrum on some axes and at the female end of the spectrum on others."


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