Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Conversation with Theo Jordan

Conversation with Theo Jordan

Late Night Digital Beer with a Bloke From X/Twitter

🚨This is a cross post of an episode that originally appeared on Theo’s Substack🚨


In this conversation, the Theo and I discuss various topics, including recent events, the awakening to anti-Semitism, the influence of environment on character, the connection between wokeness and the USSR, and the insult of wokeness to those who have lived under oppression. The conversation covers topics such as fiscal sponsorship and BDS, funding radical movements, the pendulum swing of ideologies, and the inverse casting of woke ideology. It also explores the parallels between Catholicism and woke activism, the impact of friction and character development, and the saviour complex in decolonization efforts. We delve into the funding of domestic radicalism in universities and the audacity of removing leaders and conclude with a discussion on the cult-like following of Justin Trudeau. Theo and I cover topics such as foreign interference inquiry, nepotism, the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab's remarks, lack of accountability, media coverage, passing of laws in British Columbia, the role of the fourth estate, differences between Canadian and American politics, the misuse of emergency powers, abuse of power and majority rule, dehumanization, propaganda, selective valuing of lived experiences, hatecraft and cult speak, cognitive dissonance and denial, the burden of history, and bath time as an opportunity to consume information.


  • Recent events have sparked conversations and awakenings to issues such as anti-Semitism and wokeness.

  • The environment in which people grow up can shape their character and perspectives.

  • Wokeness can be seen as an insult to those who have lived under real oppression.

  • It is important to have open and uncomfortable conversations to understand different perspectives and challenge preconceived notions. Foreign interference and nepotism are concerns in the Canadian political landscape.

  • The World Economic Forum and its Young Global Leaders program raise questions about influence and radicalization.

  • The lack of accountability and media coverage in Canada is troubling.

  • The misuse of emergency powers and abuse of majority rule are issues that need to be addressed.

  • Dehumanization and propaganda play a role in shaping public opinion and justifying harmful actions.

  • Selective valuing of lived experiences and hatecraft contribute to division and polarization.

  • Cognitive dissonance and denial can prevent people from acknowledging and addressing societal issues.

  • Understanding history and consuming information critically are important for informed citizenship.


00:00 Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other

02:12 The Impact of Recent Events on the Conversation

09:09 The Awakening to Anti-Semitism

15:01 The Influence of Environment on Character

31:38 The Insult of Wokeness to Those Who Have Lived Under Oppression

34:24 Fiscal Sponsorship and BDS

37:11 Funding Our Own Demise

38:05 Communist Movement in Haiti

39:28 Funding Radicalism in Universities

41:21 Decolonization and Saviour Complex

43:13 Privilege and Woke Activism

45:31 Friction and Character Development

46:50 The Pendulum Swing of Ideologies

49:31 Funding Radical Movements

51:41 The Audacity of Removing Leaders

55:03 Inverse Casting of Ideologies

58:15 Confession and Struggle Sessions

01:00:37 The Cult of Trudeau

01:09:32 Foreign Interference Inquiry and Nepotism

01:10:56 The World Economic Forum and Young Global Leaders

01:11:22 Klaus Schwab's Remarks and Government Response

01:12:48 Lack of Accountability and Media Coverage

01:13:18 Passing of Laws in British Columbia

01:14:15 Lack of Media Coverage and Fourth Estate

01:15:41 Comparison of Canadian and American Politics

01:16:38 Importance of Local Politics

01:17:07 Differences in Political Engagement

01:18:06 Misuse of Emergency Powers

01:19:02 Abuse of Power and Majority Rule

01:20:00 Unconstitutional Actions and Dehumanization

01:21:21 Similarities to Historical Genocides

01:23:05 Propaganda and Dehumanization

01:24:43 Modern Examples of Dehumanization

01:27:03 Selective Valuing of Lived Experiences

01:29:31 Hatecraft and Cult Speak

01:31:29 Language and Propaganda

01:34:09 Cognitive Dissonance and Denial

01:36:16 The Girl with the Flowers

01:39:05 The Burden of History

01:41:18 Taking Baths and Consuming Information

Conversation With Theo Feb 2.24
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Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Adventures of Bad Hijabi
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