Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Can We Talk About Men?

Can We Talk About Men?

A Conversation with TylerJTalks about Masculinity


In this first of a series of conversations about masculinity I will be having with me, I chat with Tyler. We explore the impact of upbringing and the absence of a father figure on one's perception of masculinity. Our chat delves into the challenges faced by individuals who have experienced childhood abuse and the differential treatment within abusive families. The importance of male role models and the need for support, protection, and teaching in masculinity are discussed. We addresses the negative perception of patriarchy and the cultural perspectives on masculinity. The evasion of responsibility in society and the lack of confrontation and directness are examined. The influence of wealth and privilege on masculinity is explored, along with the comparison between residential schools and boarding schools.

Our conversation explores the challenges of political leadership, the impact of gender weighing on society, and the anti-female nature of transgender ideology. We talked about the role of Kim Campbell in judicial appointments and the dictatorial leadership of Justin Trudeau. The chapters highlight the need for businessmen in politics, the punishment for acting on values, and the language war surrounding gender.

Our session concludes with a discussion on the dehumanizing effects of gender equity and the failure of gender neutrality. We explore various themes related to gender identity, masculinity, and the distortion of societal norms. We talk about the importance of embracing biological sex and the harm of denying the reality of male and female bodies. We touch on the weakness of men who support ideologies predicated on avoidance of male biological reality and the need for men to exercise restraint in finding balance and reject hypermasculinity.

We delved into the impact of puberty blockers on children and the denial of their sexual experiences. We touch on the historical abuse of women and children in medical experiments and the unlikelihood of justice for those responsible. Overall, our conversation emphasizes the importance of embracing one's physical biological reality and the need for struggle and responsibility in childhood.



  • The absence of a father figure can significantly impact one's perception of masculinity and upbringing.

  • Childhood abuse can have long-lasting effects on individuals and their relationships.

  • Support, protection, and teaching are essential tenets of masculinity.

  • The negative perception of patriarchy overlooks the positive aspects it has contributed to society.

  • The evasion of responsibility and the lack of confrontation hinder personal growth and societal progress.

  • Wealth and privilege can influence one's understanding and experience of masculinity.

  • Residential schools and boarding schools have different contexts but share similarities in their impact on individuals. The political infrastructure needs businessmen to bring fresh perspectives and challenge the status quo.

  • Acting on values can result in punishment and backlash, making it difficult for individuals to enter politics.

  • The language war surrounding gender creates division and hinders meaningful discussions.

  • Gender weighing and transgender ideology have an anti-female nature and can lead to the erasure of women's rights and experiences. Embrace and acknowledge the importance of biological sex.

  • Reject hypermasculinity and exercise restraint as a sign of strength.

  • Children should be allowed to experience their sexual development and not be denied the profound neural modulator of sexuality.

  • The distortion of masculinity and the weakness of men who support transgender ideology are harmful to society.

  • Children should be given the opportunity to face challenges and develop resilience.

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00:00 Background and Upbringing

01:19 Lack of Father Figure

03:29 Childhood Abuse and its Effects

04:52 Differential Treatment in Abusive Families

06:29 Parenting and Self-Reflection

07:35 The Importance of Male Role Models

09:20 Challenges Faced by Men in Society

11:10 Masculinity as Support, Protection, and Teaching

14:26 The Negative Perception of Patriarchy

16:25 Cultural Perspectives on Masculinity

23:06 The Evasion of Responsibility in Society

25:14 The Lack of Confrontation and Directness

28:26 The Inconsistencies in Political Leadership

30:59 The Influence of Upbringing on Masculinity

33:11The Impact of Wealth and Privilege on Masculinity

35:43 Residential Schools and Boarding Schools

36:20 The Lack of Accountability in Privileged Individuals

36:32 The Need for Businessmen in Politics

37:14 Building Political Infrastructure

37:57 The Challenges of Leadership

38:25 Punishment for Acting on Values

39:11 The Language War

40:04 The Catholic Church and Gender Weighing

41:16 Living a Normal Life with Gender Weighing

41:47 The Impact on Women

43:00 Forcing Gender Ideology

43:35 The Anti-Female Nature of Gender Weighing

45:05 The Impact on Autistic Individuals

46:19 The Influence of Gender Weighing on Society

48:04 Political Appointments and Bias

49:14 Kim Campbell's Role in Judicial Appointments

50:23 Kim Campbell's Political Legacy

52:05 Trudeau's Dictatorial Leadership

52:43 The Hypocrisy of Transgender Ideology

54:20 The Anti-Female Nature of Gender Weighing

55:00 The Synthetic Nature of Transgenderism

56:23 The Predatory Behaviour of Transgender Individuals

58:01 The Dehumanizing Effects of Gender Equity

01:00:19 The Inauthenticity of Transgender Women

01:02:14 The Failure of Gender Neutrality

01:03:08 The Lysenkoism of Gender Ideology

01:05:16 The Limitations of Legal Recognition

01:05:56 The Importance of Embracing Biological Sex

01:06:54 The Distortion of Masculinity

01:07:26 The Power of Restraint

01:07:54 Rejecting Hypermasculinity

01:08:18 Mediocre Men in Sports

01:09:22 The Importance of Physical Fitness for Men

01:10:19 The Journey from Boyhood to Manhood

01:11:08 The Harm of Puberty Blockers

01:12:08 Denying Children the Experience of Sexuality

01:13:13 Teaching Children that Sexuality is the Enemy

01:14:08 The Importance of Embracing One's Body

01:15:08 The Need for Comprehensive Therapy Before Transitioning

01:16:23 The Distortion of Science and Studies

01:18:39 The Historical Abuse of Women and Children

01:20:23 The Weakness of Men Who Support Transgender Ideology

01:22:09 The Inability to Change Biological Reality

01:23:02 The Importance of Embracing One's Identity

01:24:09 The Risks and Ethics of Plastic Surgery

01:25:15 The Dark History of Medical Experiments

01:26:43 The Unlikelihood of Justice for Medical Experimenters

01:28:05 The Token Punishment of a Few

01:29:51 The Weakness of Men Who Support Transgender Ideology

01:31:16 The Importance of Exercising Restraint

01:33:13 The Need for Struggle and Responsibility in Childhood

01:35:17 The Crippling of Children by Overprotection

01:37:15 The Inability to Handle Real Life Challenges

Adventures of Bad Hijabi
Adventures of Bad Hijabi
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