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This isn't EXACTLY topically-related to this video... but I was wondering if you have any desire to explore the economics of the UN (UNRWA, etc.)'s huge bureaucracy in Palestine and the disincentives this provides to their supposed collective goal of achieving a nation-state... in other words: when hundreds of millions of aid dollars and tens of thousands of jobs rely on you being refugees how much of a drag does that place on an honest "peace process"? I haven't seen this question really explored and it seems like an extremely good explanation for why negotiations have foundered and the two sides seem to have resigned themselves to a sustained enmity and a peace that never seems to arrive.

Substack makes it difficult to reach out to writers directly (at least my knowledge of it does) so I'm going to provide you my email and if you have any thoughts, please feel free: j.mills21xx@gmail.com

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This is an excellent and timely topic. Definitely anywhere the fiscal swamp takes the investigation I’m game. It looks like America and Canada each transferred $ to UNRWA early and then announced a freeze. Also Harper froze funding in 2011! I will email you soon.

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I didn't realize how much I'd already written on the Israeli-Hamas conflict, but here are a few (short) essays:




I don't have any tribal or emotional affiliations here, and I've never considered myself a Zionist... but I detect a lot of cowardice and hypocrisy in this debate. I was quite surprised at the venom which appeared on the Left against Israel (and, often, for Hamas).

I love your content. Thank you.

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