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A Comparison Queerification & Aryanisation

a podcast discussion of radicalisation and the banality of evil

Hello, welcome to the inaugural podcast episode of Adventures of Bad Hijabi. I decided I would begin with a short discussion of my previous essay. The entire episode runs about 41 minutes in length and it’s behind the paywall. I have provided a 13 minute clip for non paying readers. Here are a few show notes.

Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil in Eichmann in Jerusalem, she reconceptualised evil as mediocre and ordinary.

Tania Crasnianski wrote Children of Nazis.

SURJ Showing Up for Racial Justice is a leftwing agitprop group.

Reliability as I used the word has a specific definition in research methods.

The National Post has provided good coverage on the issue of DEI creep into the Judiciary, Jamie Saronak and Tristin Hopper have written at length about this topic.

Black only performances created a stir in Canada a while back. You can find the latest scoop on the DEI derangement from Jon Kay and Chanel Pfahl on X.

You can find the Perpetrator Testimonies of the Rwandan Genocide online. You can find David Livingstone Smith here. Also here.

You can find full 41 minute podcast episode, together with a pdf copy of the transcript, behind the paywall.


In this audio clip, Bad Hijabi discusses the concept of queerification and compares it to the historical process of Aryanization. She explores the rejection of Christian morality, the manipulation of language, and the contempt for Judeo-Christian values. Rukhsana also highlights the similarities in thinking processes between the two phenomena and the manipulation and exploitation by elites. She discuss the violation of reality, distortion of history, and the dehumanization of certain groups. The clip concludes with Bad Hijabi urging listeners to be aware of the societal changes happening and to think critically about the current state of society.


  1. Queerification can be seen as a process that parallels the historical phenomenon of Aryanization.

  2. There is a rejection of Christian morality and a manipulation of language in both queerification and Aryanization.

  3. The contempt for Judeo-Christian values and the dehumanization of certain groups are common themes in both phenomena.

  4. The manipulation and exploitation by elites play a significant role in both queerification and Aryanization.

Episode Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Definition of Queer

01:22 Fascination with the Denazification Period

03:16 Understanding the Banality of Evil

04:14 Fascination with the Horrors of the Holocaust

05:12 Rejection of Christian Morality

06:07 Comparing Queerification to Aryanization

08:28 Similarities in Thinking Process

09:21 Propaganda and Manipulation

10:16 Language War and Redefining Language

11:13 Contempt of Judeo-Christian Values

12:11 Reparative Sociopolitical Process

13:36 Subverting Natural Lines of Attachment

14:06 Contempt of Women and Manipulation

15:31 Oppression Paradigm and Heterosexuality

16:25 Identity as the Whim of the Fuhrer

17:48 Favoring Designated Victim Groups

18:45 Manipulation and Repackaging of White Supremacy

19:35 Similarities in Societal Grievances

20:02 Violation of Reality and Distortion of History

21:29 Dehumanization and Distorted Beauty Standards

22:23 Responsibility for Past Wrongs and Current Opportunities

23:23 Designating Scapegoats and Dehumanization

25:18 Manipulation and Exploitation by Elites

26:17 Violation of Constitution and Abuse of Power

27:41 Manipulation and Demoralization of Society

31:59 Comparison to Iranian Revolution

35:07 Society Broken by Radicals and Sexual Depravity

36:03 Elimination Policies and Forced Measures

38:00 Manipulation and Tolerance of Corrupt Leaders

39:24 Sensationalization and Wounding Language

40:22 Future Plans and Conclusion


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