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About me :: strange Lovecraftian creature | miscreant | hijabi-not-wearing-a-headscarf-right-now-becuz-i’m-protesting-extremism-but-a-tichel-might-be-a-possibility-one-day | seeker and lover of God | deconstructing my religion | undecided | ailurophilic | penchant for punk, olives, chai | critical thinking is sexy | autodidact | asker of questions no one wants to ask | polyvagal nerd | Disimpacting My Brain | The Brain Savvy Hoomin | The Asshole Inside My Head | Former Economic Analyst + Researcher | Former Nurse | sweary mystic | intelligent weirdo | seeking solutions not wanking over problems

Humans fascinate me.

I write about extremes in a world where many struggle to find balance. I have an interest in denazification and the fall of the Third Reich, in particular the impact on women and children. I have an interest in cult leaders, the seduction of cult organisations, and the social contagion underlying radicalisation. I have an interest in dehumanisation and the role religion plays.

I am an ex Catholic and an ex Muslim. I am uncertain and molting old spiritual skins. I reject tribal signalling masquerading as morality. Religion intrigues and disappoints me. Religion has betrayed me in the past. Religion can provide the solution. It can also get us all blown up. We get to chose that fate.

Why Bad Hijabi?

It's a satirical name, mocking the ridiculous notion of bad hijab, an actual crime in countries ruled by deranged Islamic regimes, such as Iran. Women receive punishment for being bad hijabis. Mahsa Amini was killed for being a bad hijabi. Nothing happens to me if I am a bad hijabi, I can live my life quite unaware of how dangerous my irreverence and disobedience would be in another part of the world. Western hijab wearing women have a duty to our sisters living in Islamic regimes to use our freedom to promote religious tolerance and choice for women. Hijab cannot be fard or this legitimises the brutality of the IRGC!

Adventures of Bad Hijabi

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A strange Lovecraftian + ailurophilic creature with a penchant for punk, olives + chai. Autodidact. Seeker of G-d. ✡️. Asker of questions no one wants to ask. Hater of every kind of manipulative tactic. Polyvagal nerd. Professional Asshole Wrangler.